• Brochure Design

    The tried and true brochure format was a staple of the marketing machine long before the web whisked the world off its feet.

    The trick is how to make a truly impactful and informative layout that wont get washed away in a pile of other brochures.

  • Product Rendering

    Illustration & rendering can be done for just about any concept or existing product. If you have a concept or product that needs rendering, I can help.

    It doesn't happen very often, but occasionally I'm asked to do a product rendering: usually just a simple concept based off of the clients descriptions.
  • Packaging Design

    Package & labeling are important parts of your products. It's the first impression of your product, in some cases it's even your salesman.

    The design of the package & labels can be anything you want.

Graphic Design

Graphic design in all its definitions is available. If you require graphic design services, I'm happy to take on your project.

I can't cover all the wonders that graphic design can be applied to in one list, but the services listed below are the usual suspects. If you have a project that requires services not listed here, then lets talk and see if I can help

  • Print Layout
  • Mockup Interface's
  • Icon design
  • Logo/Graphic Recovery
  • Product Rendering
  • Sign Graphics
  • Vehicle Wrap Graphics
  • Color Theory
  • Illustration
  • Photo Restoration

Print Layout

A strong print campaign is still as effective a marketing tool as ever. Your wesbsite takes the lead but no one can deny that brochures, mailers, trade show posters and so on are here to stay.

Your print materials should be engaging and have a uniform feel to match the other tools in your marketing handbag. Clear and concise layout of quality content is the goal. Your product images, renderings, charts, graphs, and so on should be a pleasure to look at with the right mix of colors and shapes to make the reader interested in consuming all the information you're throwing at them. Its easy to throw a few stock photos into some quickly thrown together information but what use does that serve? You're paying for the production and printing of these materials and should expect to get a return on this investment. Pushing hard to make sure that the quality of these materials matches the quality and elegance of your brand and digital materials is the goal that should be strived for from the inception of the project.

  • Sif Foods
  • Design / Layout
  • Details
  • Smith's Spices
  • Design / Layout
  • Details
  • Augur Systems
  • Design / Layout
  • Details
  • John Surowy
  • Design / Layout
  • Details
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