Branding Logo Design

The message your logo relays to potential customers should create an association that brands the graphic into the minds of your market.

It's the icon or graphic that represents you and your business.

The process is simple. For a flat fee you'll get 3 custom designed original logo concepts. Once the logos have been presented to you we then go back and make all the revisions necessary to make sure the graphics, colors, and style meet the needs to relay your message.

Upon completion of the logo, you will be supplied with all the formats you'll ever need. You'll also be given the source files in assorted formats so that going forward your logo can be placed on any marketing materials that may come along.

Logo Refresh / Recovery

Maybe you already have an established logo but it feels dated or old. A refresh could be in order. What this entails is taking your existing established graphic and giving it a more modern feel: something as simple refining the lines or adding some modern styling and techniques. The bottom line is that your logo keeps the established message it relays but does so with modern styling.

A position some clients find themselves in is that they have a logo they're happy with but have lost or were never given the source files for the logo. Only a low resolution web graphic. This is fine until the client needs the logo for high resolution print materials, or have a need for the logo on an isolated transparent background.

Services for recovering your logo are available. All that will be required is an existing copy of your logo however you have it. You'll get source files in all the formats you'll ever need.